MOSSA offers automatic shipment (Autoship) on all Program Releases (includes CD, Choreography Notes and Video) and allows you to order back releases as well! Autoship ensures that you are up to date on all program innovations and education.

All instructors are required to be enrolled in Autoship in order to have “Active” status and be eligible to teach. Releases cannot be purchased without being on Autoship.

The AutoShip Program saves you a bundle on each Program Release. Quarterly Releases via the AutoShip Program cost $34.00 each ($34.00 to Canada; plus $22 brokerage, taxes & S/H; all prices in US Dollars based on the current exchange rate).

INSTRUCTOR AUTOSHIP DISCOUNT: Join the AutoShip Program and receive huge discounts on releases!

In order to join the AutoShip Program, you must be certified MOSSA Instructor who is actively teaching MOSSA program(s) at a licensed facility.

Click here to learn more about the AutoShip Program!

Express delivery services are not available for the AutoShip Program.

Plan your club's launch for April, July, October and January. Autoship Release Months: March, June, September and December. MOSSA is not responsible if cancellations, account or address changes are not received within 30 days of release date. We only accept returns for damaged or defective CD's and videos within 30 days of purchase. All prices in US Dollars based on the current exchange rate.

To ensure you receive your MOSSA emails, please add to your address book.

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Group Active AutoShip
Group Centergy AutoShip
Group Core AutoShip
Group Groove AutoShip
Group Fight AutoShip
Group Power  AutoShip
Group Ride AutoShip
R30 AutoShip
Group Blast AutoShip
ViPR AutoShip